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Meet the Curl Up & Dye Animators!
March 10, 2018

Curl Up & Dye Movie Poster by Tom Davis

Curl Up & Dye Movie Poster Color Combos

Illustrator and animator, Tom Davis, created the character designs and backgrounds for Curl Up & Dye. I love his work so much that I asked him to design a movie poster for the GeekFest Film Festival when I learned that Curl Up & Dye was an official selection. Below is a sneak peek at the poster design process.
Curl Up & Dye Movie Poster Sketch
First, Tom created a pencil sketch, which I loved. He suggested we flood the poster with a solid color from our existing color palette of "girl power" style colors... a rich pink, purple or maybe even the blue of our hero's hair. Next, Tom imposed Yetti's silhouette in a superheroic pose with her hair flowing like a beast.
Curl Up & Dye Movie Poster 1st Draft
Tom added squiggle lines in her hair for fun. On top of the silhouette, he overlayed - in solid black - her mask and belt shape just to punch the superhero vibe. The logo appears over Yettie's legs, flanked by Curious Little Films logo on the left and Geekfest laurels on the right. Underneath in more subdued print are the credits. Finally, he refined the design and added color.
Curl Up & Dye Movie Poster Color Combos
Finally, based on my feedback, Tom experimented with some different colors to make the poster pop!