Special Thanks

This page is dedicated to the wonderful folks that have donated $50 or more to our Seed&Spark campaign. Thank you so much! We are moved by your generosity.

  • Chris Bagley
  • Frank Cienniwa
  • Alice Clark
  • Gabe Conville
  • Karen DeMourelle
  • Lori Marks Granger
  • Andrea Guido
  • Khadijah Hall
  • Avrom Honig
  • David Jacobson
  • Sarah McKee
  • Dan Partain
  • Laura Reesby
  • Jes Reynolds
  • Abrie & Nicholas Sellers
  • Hallie Semonin
  • Bruce & Bonnie Soileau
  • Debbie Soileau
  • Ken Soileau
  • Celine Ulgado
  • Mike Williams
  • Angela Pan Wong
  • Gwen Ziegler

Help Us Make it Happen!

It’s ALIVE!!! We've just launched Curl Up & Dye on Seed&Spark and your support would mean the world to us. Pledging just $25 gets you a link to watch the film when it’s completed. Any help spreading the word would be AWESOME. Thank you!